The purpose of IFF is to satisfy the needs and projects for skills development of various companies operating or managing railway networks.

A large proportion of the trainees come from ONCF and SNCF, the IFF’s shareholders. Another part comes from other countries and railway networks; the IFF has won the confidence of other European operators and certain West African countries such as Gabon, Senegal and Cameroon.

The commitment of the shareholders and the entire IFF team has made this international institute a success since its creation.

In the run-up to the commercial circulation of the TGV in Morocco at the end of 2018, the preparation of the operation of the High Speed Train in Morocco has notably generated more than 17,000 days of training dedicated to this project.

Thanks to its comprehensive offer, which can be adjusted to the needs of each client, several thousand trainees develop their skills each year at the IFF.

The very high satisfaction rate of our trainees illustrates our ambition to share excellence, based on feedback and continuous progress.

The year 2020 marked a new stage in the digital transformation of the Institute with the development of virtual classes.

The ISO 21000 certification obtained in 2021 testifies to the professionalism of the teams.

The IFF’s goal is to continue its development by capitalising on its know-how, its network of experts and facilitators, and its innovations and singularities linked to its status as an international organisation.

These results and projects are shared with the clients who place their trust in the IFF. They make us proud, stimulate us and drive us towards the requirement of a high quality service.

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